Connection Between Nitric Oxide and Fighting Cancer

Posted on 4-22-2021
Connection Between Nitric Oxide and Fighting Cancer

The cancer rates continue to skyrocket as the U.S. population ages. As the country is comprised of older people – to a greater degree in proportion to younger people now fueled by an especially low fertility rate and with life expectancy rising – we can expect the potential for increasing numbers of cancer diagnosis in the coming years.

In 2020, an estimated 1,806,590 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 606,520 people will die from the disease, according to the National Cancer Institute. Prostate, lung, and colorectal cancers account for an estimated 43 percent of all cancers diagnosed in men in 2020, while for women, the three most common cancers are breast, lung, and colorectal, and they will account for an estimated 50 percent of all new cancer diagnoses in women in 2020.

According to estimates from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), in 2018 there were 17.0 million new cancer cases and 9.5 million cancer deaths worldwide. By 2040, the global burden is expected to grow to 27.5 million new cancer cases and 16.3 million cancer deaths simply due to the growth and aging of the population.

In addition to eating healthy diets and exercising, and maybe being lucky enough to have good genetics, you might be asking yourself what more you can do to prevent cancer from impacting your life.

The signaling molecule Nitric Oxide has been found – in certain circumstances and in large amounts – to play a role in cancer therapeutics. In fact, either as a single agent or in combination with other antineoplastic compounds, Nitric Oxide can be used to overcome tumor cell resistance to conventional treatments.

Studies have found that three isoforms of the family of Nitric Oxide synthases (NOS) can be involved in potentially inhibiting the etiology of cancer. Medical research has also found that at high levels of NOS expression – for example, generated by activated macrophages – may inhibit cancerous tumor growth.

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