Kyani Testimonials

Barbara Marville-Kelly

Having been exposed to thousands of great nutritional supplements over the years as a Host for the Home Shopping Network, I have found by far, after testing the Triangle of Health, the HL5, and the Core 140, for only 6 months, that these “Hero” products are life-changing, the “Gold Standard” in Ageless Living and “Resetting the Clock!”

I experienced results the first week as I noticed improved vision, better focus, memory recall, concentration, deep sound sleep, adaptability to stress in spite of Covid19, better built immune system, improved cardio, weight management, and an overall sense of well being and gratitude resetting my body up for repair & rejuvenation naturally

At 72, and always being proactive and accountable for healthy living, and slowing the aging process, I feel Kyani is the “Hero for Youth” Company of the century, with leading-edge “Power Foods and ALL POWER ingredients that work!


Dennis Kelly

As a 6-time World Champion in the Martial Arts, I can do things that I had to stop doing because of past injuries. I can now do most of those things in spite of a health challenge that causes memory loss, tremors, and rigidity.

Shortly after taking the Kyani products, the triangle of Health, the Fit 20, HL 5, and Core 140, I woke up being able to see better in both eyes, after taking for the first time the Nitro Extreme. After another couple of days I felt my strength increase about 20 % when I was lifting the weights I have. Also a sense of wellbeing, stronger than I have felt in years. I feel more focused and able to concentrate better. MORE ALIVE!!!!!!

Kyani is changing my life in a big way, things that used to bother me no longer exist! I feel younger than I have for years, at 82. I am back in training just as if I was going for the gold medal, or a 7th World Championship, 2021!

Mary Louise Zeller

I would love to share with you about these extraordinary natural and life-changing products.

 I had migraine headaches for 30 years that were unbearable. I have not had one since I started on these products 12 years ago. My energy is through the roof and constant from early morning to late at night. The pain I have suffered in my joints and muscles from a life time of extreme sports has disappeared. I am a 6th degree black belt and won the gold medal at U.S. National Championships 20 years running. I won international gold 9 times. At 64 years old, when I started taking the Kyani Triangle of Health products, my strength, endurance and will to train as a world-class athlete returned and I continued to compete nationally and internationally in Olympic Sport Taekwondo until I was 67. I went from having 4-5 colds and flu each year to none, so these supplements certainly made a difference in my immune system health. At 76 years old now, I have learned to speak fluent Spanish and am learning classical guitar. I can memorize 5 pages of music quickly, when many people my age cannot remember their Zip Code.

My husband’s blood pressure normalized in one year, when it had not been normal for ten years. His cholesterol came down from 400 to 160 in two months. Our 23-year-old son, who suffered from ADD his whole life and even struggles as a young adult in college, has dramatically improved with his focus and his last semester has gotten the first three A’s of his entire life. The products significantly improve performance…mentally, physically, and emotionally. The products have a dramatic positive effect on depression and sleep disorders and have none of the side-effects of many allopathic medications. 

I majored in biology in college and have studied leading edge research in natural nutritional supplements for 40 years and have never found anything that delivers as many real results in health, anti-aging, and high performance as the Kyani Triangle of Health products. I have written a book, “Secrets of the Fountain of Youth” and spent two years researching such supplements. There’s never been anything of this profound impact. Many companies bring products to market that may have a positive effect on health. Kyani’s synergistic trio of products, backed by years of scientific research, can have a transformational impact on the level of your health and performance. Kyani also supports healthy aging. I am now 76 years old and no one ever guesses my true age. They think I am years younger. I am simply aging far differently than others my age.

The Kyani Triangle of Health also helps my body have a healthy response to inflammation; I have no body pain and my energy is so strong it’s absolutely abnormal at my age. This is a good kind of abnormal.  It’s easy to share Kyani’s Triangle of Health products when they work like this. You can go to the web site   and look over the videos and materials there. Another web site to check out is 

I invite you to attend an Internet webinar about Kyani’s breakthrough company, Products and compensation plan. Kyani is expanding worldwide and is demonstrating signs of blowing up sales all around the world. Kyani has made many millionaires over the last 13 years and I am one of them.  Legacy Team has a system of education so that you, too, can learn and achieve unimaginable results for yourself. 

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