Simple Steps to Begin Increasing Your Running Stamina

Posted on 6-02-2021
Simple Steps to Begin Increasing Your Running Stamina

Think back to your first run. Whether it was a jog around the block or a 5k, your first run was probably closer to torture than an enjoyable experience. Now, think about your last run—which has likely increased in distance and speed from the first. And the reason? You have increased stamina.

Stamina is part mental and part physical. Mentally, increasing stamina means you’re in a better state of mind to keep going when your body feels like stopping—for instance, hitting the “wall” during a marathon. Physically, stamina is sustaining the effort of running for a longer and more extended period.

For many runners, stamina seems to happen without intentional steps. Still, if you’re just starting and want to see significant increases fast, we have some simple steps to increase your running stamina in only a few months.

1. Start Slow (but Steady)

You shouldn’t suddenly increase your mileage for a run overnight. Start with small 1-mile increases weekly, but continue pushing the limits.

2. Continue Challenging Yourself

When the increase feels easy, it’s time to bump it up again. More intense workouts mean more progress.

3. Stay Hydrated

Believe it or not, drinking plenty of H2O before, during, and following your run will help your muscles recover more quickly, which means you can continue pushing for increased stamina.

4. Give Yourself a Nutritional Boost

Supplements such as Nitro Xtreme are created especially for elite athletes to increase blood circulation, promote oxygen release, pump your body with additional nutrition, and provide a mental boost.

5. Eat Endurance Boosting Foods

Foods like sweet potatoes, blueberries, bananas, and almonds support a healthy heart and muscle recovery and influence stamina and endurance.

We all start somewhere, and we all have the potential to increase stamina to run farther and faster!