Kyäni Triangle of Health

This three-step system delivers all the nutrients your body needs with optimal absorption. Together, Kyäni Sunrise, Sunset, and Nitro fill in the gaps that most modern diets are lacking. Order your 30-day supply.


This is a complete package of superfoods that will help you realize your optimal health! We’re talking all-natural ingredients that are super-charged with powerful fruits that help to bolster your body’s immune system and leave you feeling full of energy!

Nitro FX

Get your blood flowing as you absorb optimal nutrients into your body with Nitro FX today. This powerful product delivers prolific results when it comes to all-around good health.

Nitro Extreme

Watch as Nitro Extreme fuels your body with all the essential nutrients that boost your immune system, increase blood circulation, and promote optimal oxygen release. This all-natural product has the potential to help you think, remember, and concentrate better so you can function at a higher level during the day.


Treat your body to this ultimate form of Vitamin E, bolstered by Vitamin A and Vitamin D, as your body receives unbelievable nutritional value with this all-natural product. You won’t find a better source anywhere for Vitamin E.


For all of you health-conscious people who seriously care what you put in your body, this all-natural product is a must in your supplements regimen! HL5 is a prolific product that will boost your collagen – benefiting your skin, and promote lasting energy and foster all around good health. How can you not feel good when this product supports muscle growth and improves joint health?

Core 140

This all-natural product will revitalize your entire body as it infuses your system with nutrient-dense ingredients that will leave you feeling great. Enjoy the wonderful taste and power-packed nutrients of Kyäni Core140+.

Kyani ON / Energy Nootropics

Try this amazing all-natural drink as it gives you optimal energy and enhances your cognitive abilities. This low-calorie, gluten-free beverage will light up your brain and sharpen your mental skills. See for yourself!

Fit 20

If you are at all athletic or have work-out tendencies, you’ll definitely want the FIT 20, all-natural product that will help you perform better and recover faster. FIT 20 will help you build muscle mass and increase strength as you take on the physical demands of the day and engage in competitive activities.

Kyäni Nitro & Kyäni Sunrise

Now you can enjoy the super power-pack of Nitro and Sunrise all at once. You’ll get your blood going with Nitro’s incredible nutrient absorption and add Sunrise to consume 22 superfoods that are made to help you feel your best.