Strengthening Your Immune System

Posted on 3-26-2021
Strengthening Your Immune System

The immune system is made up of a complex network of cells and proteins that protect your body against infection. The immune system logs a record of every germ, or microbe, it has destroyed so it can recognize and eliminate the microbe quickly if it enters the body again.

In general, the immune system does a marvelous job of defending you against disease causing microorganisms. However, there are times when your immune system fails, and then you get sick. Fortunately, you can intervene in the process to strengthen your immune system. There are several ways to bolster your body’s defenses. One obvious way to protect yourself from germs and from getting sick is frequent hand washing.

Exercise is great way to strengthen your immune system. Exercise enhances your immune system by increasing your overall circulation, which makes it easier for immune cells and other infection-fighting molecules to travel more easily throughout your body.

Also, make sure you hydrate as much as possible. Water supports your immune system, as a fluid in your circulatory system called lymph, which carries vital infection-fighting immune cells around your body, is primarily composed of water. If you don’t consume enough water, you could impair your immune system.

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When you consume Kyäni Sunset, you contribute to the body’s natural defenses by supporting the body’s vital systems including cell health, the cardiovascular system, and the body’s immune system.